Princess And The Pea Japan - Acrylic on Canvas(Mixed Media Giglee 2/15) by Denyse Klette. 12"(W)x24"(H) - DK156-002MM


"Princess And The Pea Japan" is a Fine Art piece masterfully painted by Denyse Klette and available at the Old Town Gallery located in the Gallery District in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico.

Denyse Klette bio: She has a whimsical style and a sense of humour that has evolved over the years from illustrating children’s books to sculpting Disney characters to an adult colouring book entitled Fairies in Dreamland published by St Martin’s/MacMillan Publishers in 2016. Denyse’s ever changing collections of art truly reflects the depth of her imagination, one that has never stopped growing since she made the career decision when she was 8 that set her on her life long journey as an artist.

Her landscapes, portraits and murals grace the halls of hotels, resorts, homes and galleries worldwide. Now Denyse has brought to life her art work and imagination introducing sculptures to her collection.

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